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Meet The Hosts

In our third episode of LG the Pod, we happened to switch things up a bit! Instead of interviewing one of our favorite local bands or artists, we decided to interview EACH OTHER (gasp) and give our listeners a bit of insight on who we are as individuals and why we started this heckin' show in the first place! We take you through the timeline on where we met, growing up playing music together, and how the start of LoCLE Grown began. Thanks for tuning into this very silly and chaotic episode. We hope you enjoy meeting the hosts!

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Our Story

LoCLE Grown is something for the Humble. It is a reminder that we all start somewhere. We are a community and we are proud of the artists that come from here as well as the ones who make Cleveland a stop along the way to fame.

One thing we know for sure: 


The Jordans of LoCLE Grown want to dive deeper into the framework of local music, no matter what local means to you, all while providing entertaining commentary, stories and GREAT MUSIC like you’ve never heard before!

Meet The Jordans

In 2003, the universe, in its ever-shifting and unpredictable ways, planted Jordan Laird and Jordan Urban ("The Jordans!", "J-Squared!", "Big J and Little J!", "Those two annoying chicks!") right beside each other as next-door neighbors in Medina, Ohio. The next 10 years developed a strong sisterly and Jordan-ly bond that is unbreakable to this day.


With Laird being two years senior to Urban, they grew through the love of music, food, and family. Together, they sharpened their musical and social skills. With original music and dynamic harmonies, the two formed "Urban Lair" in 2018 after many years of singing and playing covers.

Check out how LG came to be below!

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