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Biz of the Month - AUGUST - 10 Alarm Fire Engine Pizza

This month we are featuring a business close to us and chat with our friends Alli Mowrer and Em Grande, co-owners of 10 Alarm Fire Engine Pizza!

Phone: 330-685-9525

1. What is your name and position at 10 Alarm Fire Engine Pizza? How long have you been there?

Our names are Emily Grande and Alli Mowrer. We are co-owners of 10 Alarm. We have been running 10 alarm for almost 6 years, but just officially bought the company in Spring of 2023!

2. What is 10 Alarm Fire Engine Pizza? How long has it been around, and how are you associated with the company?

We are a family run business and have been working the truck as a family team!

3. What is your favorite part about working for/owning 10 Alarm Fire Engine Pizza?

My favorite part of working the truck is being able to provide such a fun service for people and watch people enjoy our food for their special day! We also get to work alongside one another, as well as working with friends and family members which also makes it such a fun time together! Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work

4. How do you set your business apart from others in the industry?

We set ourselves apart with how we serve our food. We are fully loaded and operate a fire engine with an oven imported straight from Italy! You don’t see our kind of business every day which makes it a one of a kind experience and we love our job so we make sure everyone has a great meal and a great time!

5. What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?

Any advice I would give someone starting up their new business is first and foremost to have fun with what you do and remember every day is an opportunity to leave something new about yourself. No one is perfect and nothing in life is perfect so any hardships you face can help you learn how to better your business and also sets you up to succeed for next time!

6. What is your favorite pizza you offer?

>> our favorite pizza is our signature honey bacon which we feature with hot honey. It’s sweet and savory which is our favorite combo! And like nothing you can get on any ordinary pizza menu

To book an event, you can message us on Facebook, or call us at 330-685-9525

If you book an event and mention LoCLEGrown, you can get 100 dollars off your event!

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